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100 AMAZING Females To Follow For A Perfect Love Life (In 2018)

100 AMAZING Females To Follow For A Perfect Love Life (In 2018)

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Elizabeth Overstreet

I’m Elizabeth Overstreet, And This Is My Dharma

Hello, I’m Elizabeth and I’m the Relationship Whisperer. Just kidding – sorta! I coach women and men to have a healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationships. I am also an Author. I’m a big believer that if you aren’t practicing self-love than it’s hard to be a recipient of true love from someone else… Click here to read my entire interview on Sivana Spirit.



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People to People on WGN-TV


WVON Real Talk, Real People With Art “Chat Daddy” Sims

Listen: Secrets to Overcoming Holiday Depression and Loneliness

Discussing the Singles Holiday Blues with Chat Daddy Sims on WVON
Elizabeth Overstreet reveals practical, insightful ways to beat the holiday blues.


Listen: Why is Dating so Difficult in Chicago?

Elizabeth Overstreet joins a panel discussing why men and women find it difficult meeting new people in Chicago.


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