Bedtalks Relationship Podcast Ep. 23 – Are You More Significant If You Are Married Versus Single?

We have a new episode of Bedtalks for you.

This topic came to mind because K and I were having a discussion about a friend of ours who was married over 20 years who is now going through a divorce. She stated that even though her divorce isn’t yet final, that she has prayed and manifested that she will be married in 2020. As a relationship coach, I wanted to delve deeper into this topic because this isn’t uncommon, but it also got our wheels spinning regarding how people perceive marriage versus single life.

Does being married make you feel more significant versus being single? Do we inadvertently attach more status to being married? Is it true that you will be happier and less lonely in a marriage versus being single?

K & I dig deeper into this topic and answer these questions and many more during our podcast discussion.

Until next time, XoXo

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