Bedtalks Relationship Podcast Ep. 28 – Love or Loyalty- Do They Go Hand in Hand?

K & I were recently watching a documentary, I Called Him Morgan,” on Netflix. We couldn’t help but recognize the parallels of this tragic story about a Jazz Musician, Lee Morgan and what happens in relationships when love and loyalty are tested. It’s clear by this documentary, the love Lee and Helen shared was genuine, but as their relationship experienced a shift, it had an irreparable impact on their relationship.

Love and Loyalty are two important facets of a healthy relationship. But, sometimes one of these components, love or loyalty can diminish due to a change in circumstances, a couple going through a difficult time, or a change in the emotional connection between two people.

What happens when one of the two is lost in a relationship? Can two people have a successful relationship if one of these two attributes doesn’t exist in a relationship?

K and I delve into this topic on our newest episode of Bedtalks, “Love or Loyalty- Do They Go Hand in Hand?” Tune in and share your thoughts with us on the topic.

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