Bedtalks Podcast 39: The Lesson of Self-Love; Naysha’s Powerful Transformation through Self-Love

K and I had the pleasure of interviewing Naysha Sonet. Naysha is from the beautiful and #3 ranked country of happiness, Norway. However, even though Naysha lives in one of the happiest countries, she didn’t always feel happy with herself. After being in a relationship where she expressed that she love someone who didn’t reciprocate or express the same feelings, she had to learn how to find someone she had lost in the process, herself.

We crossed paths as I followed Naysha’s personal journey and transformation via self-love. She has insight and wisdom that belies her age. I was impressed and continue to be impressed to watch her journey, how she helps others and is building space for others to recognize their own personal value.

Self-love is a positive phrase and is used often. But, during this interview, we take it a step deeper analyzing and dealing with the often uncomfortable pieces of self-love. Listen in and learn more as K, Naysa, and I navigate this conversation together.

And please remember to tune into future episodes of Bedtalks on the Anchor App, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Until next time, XoXo

Listen to the episode here

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