Bedtalks Episode 52: Meet Dr. Pervis Taylor, a Celebrity Coach, Teaches You Important Life Lessons on the Difference of Surthrival vs. Survival

We recorded this podcast close to the end of last year to get you ready for 2021. And I promise you you will not be disappointed.

Meet Dr. Pervis Taylor, a Celebrity Coach, whose mantra to those he coaches and influences is “Be Amazing!” Dr. Taylor doesn’t just preach about this mantra but breaks down why when you allow trauma to become your identity this is surviving vs. thriving. He has coined the term surthrival and teaches you how to surthrive instead.

Dr. Taylor has been a Coaching and Wellness Advocate for over 10 years. Celebrities seek him out and he has a special affinity for men to teach them how to learn how to channel their anger and indifference in a healthy and productive way.

Some of the highlights of this interview include:

Mark 2:20 – Meet Dr. Taylor

Mark 3:15 – How to Not Allow Trauma to Become Your Identity

Mark 4:47 – What is the difference between anger and indifference? And Why We Often Feel More Comfortable with Expressing Anger?

Mark 8:15 – The Importance of Introspection and Mental Health Management

Mark 12:40 – Why Being the Victim is Romanticized

Mark 16:25 – How to Empower Yourself and Break Free of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Mark 19:30 – Why Success Can Be A Trauma Response? Learning from Quincy Jones, Mariah Carey, and Oprah Winfrey.

Mark 21:00 Learn How to Manage Your Self-Narrative

Mark 23:00 – Defining Surthrival

Mark 28:00 – Emotional Regulation

Mark 31:02 – Why Oprah Winfrey is Successful

Mark 34:00 – The Power of Vulnerability

This is a powerful and emotionally charged discussion. You will leave feeling different and understanding more about what you need to be to become more of what you need and want to be happier, healthier and empowered. Listen in and share your comments with me.

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Until next time, XoXo

Tune into the episode here.

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