Bedtalks Episode 54: Dr. Preston Allison Teaches You 5 Profound Lessons About Your Relationships

Meet Dr. Preston Allison.

Hang on for some intense and thought-provoking lessons about your relationships. In only a way that he can, Dr. Allison breaks down relationship traumas, what being together with your significant other truly means, newlywed hurdles and so so much more.

Here are a couple of moments in the interview which really stand out:

Mark 2:17 – Meet Dr. Preston Allison

Mark 3:50 – Dr. Preston’s Explanation of Trauma Using An Aconym

Mark 5:40 – How Trust Can Disrupt Your Relationship and Get to the Root of the Problem

Mark 8:10 – The Baggage You May Bring to Your New Relationship

Mark 11:22 – Newlywed Hurdles, Communication Techniques to Grow Together

Mark 13:47 – The True Definition of a Relationship

Mark 15:14 – This One Thing Creates Friction in A Relationship

Mark 17:47 – How Concealing and Carrying Your Emotions May Have Been Amplified During a Pandemic

Mark 25: 00 – A Relationship Lesson to Model for Our Kids

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