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Bedtalks Episode 44: Meet the McClure Family – A Provocative Discussion about Parenting, Love and Dealing with Racism in a Multi-Cultural Family

Meet the McClure Family. You may be familiar with Ava and Alexis, the popular and lovable McClure Twins or their adorable brother, Jersey. They were named in the Forbes Top 10 Kid Influencer list. But this family is much more than that. They share their journeys of love, growth, and triumphs. K & I had a chance to have a sit-down discussion with their parents, Ami and Justin McClure, and we talk about everything from raising kids, how they met, and fell in love with one another and how they approach parenting and entrepreneurship. This family has helped to model what a healthy relationship looks like and also teach some invaluable parenting and relationship lessons. Listen in to this Bedtalks episode, and don’t forget to subscribe to future Bedtalks Podcasts on the Anchor App, iTunes, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Until next time, XoXo Are you looking for personalized dating advice? You can get questions answered on the following:
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