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Bedtalks Episode 47: A Love for a Lifetime – An Interview with the Curly Coopers

Hey Ya’ll-

We’re back with another new Podcast. Meet the Curly Coopers.

Many of you have asked me what makes a marriage strong and long-lasting. As I interview and look for couples who model and demonstrate what a healthy relationship looks like, I look for those who provide a realistic view of what a healthy relationship encompasses by words and actions. I enjoy listening to and observing couples who have found a way to keep their relationships a priority while raising their children. And this is why I thought it would be great to have the Curly Coopers on K & I’s podcast.

The parents are the foundation for a healthy and thriving environment for their children. And one of the best ways to demonstrate what a healthy relationship looks like is to model it for your kids so that you can break negative and toxic cycles that can sometimes exist in families to help support future healthy relationships for your children when they have their relationships too.

The Curly Coopers are a family modeling what love and spirituality look like when it is coupled in a relationship while raising a family. They have a strong bond that has been forged by putting God and family first. They share what has helped them to have a successful relationship along with what they feel is critical to raising healthy and loving kids. You’ll definitely walk away with some clear ideas of how to cultivate healthy habits to have a happier relationship with your significant other and your kids too!

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