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Bedtalks Episode 49: The Imperfectionist – An Inspiring Story of a Recovering Perfectionist with Vitale Buford

Hey Y’All

This week on our bedtalks podcast we interview, Vitale Buford, The Imperfectionist. Yes, you read that correctly, the “imperfectionist.”In a world where striving for perfectionism is the norm, it’s easier than ever to filter out the bad and unacceptable, but the reality is striving for perfectionism can be exhausting psychologically and mentally for you.

As Vitale says, “We can’t heal what we hate.”Listening to this podcast will help you to break free of perfectionism. Vitale Buford, a recovering perfectionist, will have you looking at perfection in a completely different way.

Here are some snippets of what to expect during this podcast to find those messages around perfectionism that may be most relevant to you:

  • Learn why perfection is so pervasive but isn’t necessarily healthy 2:25
  • What are the symptoms of perfectionism? You can’t cure, what you don’t fully understand. We discuss this at the 3:38 mark of our interview
  • Perfectionism and how it’s rewarded in our society at the 4:30 mark
  • Can you strike a balance with perfectionism? 5:00
  • Do you struggle with making decisions because you can’t seem to make the perfect one? We hit on this too at the 9:23 mark of our discussion.
  • 3 Keys in how taking an experimental approach to life can help you heal your chronic need for perfectionism 10:01
  • How advice detox can help you strengthen your intuition? 11:24
  • Why is perfectionism a confidence killer? 14:20
  • Chaos and why it feels so good to you- 17:30
  • Trust the power in endings – 18:52
  • Relationship hopping – How it affects your process to heal and grow – 20:10
  • How to break the loop of perfectionism – 21:29
  • The four C’s to healing perfectionism – 23:17
  • Reframing the relapse of perfectionism – 24:10
  • The power of you taking action – 25:13
  • Why your intention is so powerful – 26:40
  • The major difference between excellence and perfectionism – 28:32

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Tune into the Bedtalks episode here.

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