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Bedtalks Episode 62: The Hard Truth About Relationships – An Interview with Antwain Jackson

“Iron sharpens iron,” is a commonly known phrase. But, often when the sharpening happens between two people in a relationship, inevitably one party may feel like ending or exiting the relationship. The hard truth about relationships is that when two people come together with their own individual standards, it can be difficult to learn how to bring those standards together to create a long-lasting partnership.

Why Balance is Important

When a relationship is highly weighted on one individual versus the couple collectively, this imbalance can create some significant challenges in the relationship in the long term. However, when you know what is likely to happen and how you can navigate these things proactively, you can shift your perspective and learn how to embrace and work through these moments.

Doing the Inner Work

The hard truth about relationships is a lot of inner work has to happen in order for you to be steady in a relationship. Without doing this inner work, it’s likely you will experience similar cycles following you in your other relationships. This is one of the reasons why we were excited to speak with Antwain Jackson.

Meet Antwain Jackson

Antwain Jackson is many things, a Pastor, Leader in his community, Speaker, Author of the Creative Leader Book, and someone who counsels many single and married individuals on dating, love, and relationships. His authenticity, raw honesty, and ability to say what others have shied away from saying made for an interesting conversation.

K & I thoroughly enjoyed this eye-opening conversation and we think you will too!

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