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Bedtalks Episode 77: Stop Fighting, Start Dialoguing – An Interview with Amber Dalsin of Ember Relationship Psychology

Hey Y’All- 

Welcome back to another episode of Bedtalks. We are talking to Amber Dalsin, a Psychologist, and couples therapist, who helps couples communicate with one another, so they feel loved and heard. 

Amber is offering some pearls of wisdom about communication and how to make it easier. 

She discusses:

  • The difference between tolerance and acceptance in a relationship
  • How to hear your significant other and when and how to compromise
  • What keeps couples in communication gridlock

What we enjoyed about this conversation and think you will enjoy too is that Amber shares her personal experiences and what she has learned in the couples in which she provides therapy. 

Amber also provides insights into:

  • The 4 horsemen of fighting in relationships
  • How to deal with stonewalling, anger, criticism, defensiveness, and contempt in your relationships
  • Why do couples have totally different reactions to the same argument

Listen in as I’m confident you will walk away with some new techniques to “Stop Fighting and Start Dialoguing. 

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