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Bedtalks Episode 78: Why Chemistry May Be a Red Flag

Hey Y’All-

We’re excited to be back with a new interview with Matt Phifer. He is a Therapist/Coach|Speaker|Podcast|Content Creator.

Matt is that Therapist/Coach who isn’t afraid to speak about things people are thinking or experiencing but often afraid to discuss. We touch on so many gems in this podcast that I feel are important for us to discuss and understand to help us cultivate healthier relationships.

We discuss:

  • The Difference between Chemistry and Compatibility
  • An explanation of a narcissist, their abuse cycle, and how God dealt with one of the biggest narcissists
  • Relationship Addiction
  • What trauma bonding looks like and how it can show up in your relationships
  • Do men fake orgasms?
  • Masculinity/Femininity Qualities – Finding the balance

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