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Bedtalks Episode 84: The Last First Date Hunt: An Interview with Sandy WeinerBedtalks Episode 84:

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We’re so excited to be back with our new podcast show interviewing ⁠Sandy Weiner, the Founder of Last Date, First Date⁠. You might be wondering exactly what that means; ⁠Sandy ⁠explains why she formulated this name for her Relationship Community and how she is helping people finalize their search for the one. She specializes in helping people in midlife who may struggle to connect with having the desired relationship. Sandy shares some facets of relationships that we don’t often consider when dating, leading to losing out on opportunities for real connection.

We delve into:

  • How Knowing Your Love Blueprint Ensures You’re on The Right Path to Find Love
  • Why Your Choice Points and Your Significant Other’s Are Important to Determining Compatibility
  • What Heartbreak Does to You and How to Recover from It

But, even in a healthy relationship, there is work to be done, so we also discuss:

  • How to advocate for your feelings in a relationship
  • Healthy boundary setting
  • Dealing with conflict trauma

And so much, much, more. Listen in and let us know what you think! And please remember to subscribe to future episodes of the Bedalks Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many other platforms.

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