Elizabeth Overstreet

Bedtalks Relationship Podcast Ep. 17 – The Realities and Truths of Love – Part 3 – The Protection (Covering) of Love

Welcome to Episode 17 of our Bedtalks Podcast!

We enjoy doing this show and hope that you find it to be helpful, slightly entertaining, and practical to put to use in your relationships.

K & I have to work at our relationship too. But we believe that the benefits of being in a healthy relationship outweigh the challenges.

We hope you are enjoying our five-part series of the Realities and Truths of Love.

Love is an amazing experience. It’s why we desire to be with someone who cares deeply for us. We wish for a deep connection with someone who understands and gets who we are beneath the surface and still loves us. That’s the tough, but most needed part of having a healthy and thriving relationship.

Love, when meaningful, provides protection and covering.

Listen in as K & I discuss the protection and covering love provides when it’s genuine and authentic.

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Until next time, XoXo.

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