Elizabeth Overstreet

Bedtalks Relationship Podcast Ep. 21 – Who’s Your Ideal Partner?

Do you have a type? Most of us do. Have you ever met someone who looked like they would be your type but once you got to know them, the opposite occurred?

It’s important to have an understanding of what you need, want, and desire in a partner. Finding someone who is compatible and recognizing someone who is an ideal partner isn’t always easy. After all, no one teaches you how to choose a partner. A lot of your choices with regard to your partner choice comes via the relationships which have been modeled for you by your parents and sometimes it’s easy to fall into relationships that end up not being the best fit for you.

What is your ideal counterpart? And, what is NOW the reality of your ideal counterpart once you have someone who you felt would be your ideal counterpart? Those are two separate realities, but K & I are here to help you navigate both of them.

Listen in here we delve deeper into this topic.

Until next time, XoXo

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