Elizabeth Overstreet

Bedtalks Relationship Podcast Ep. 5 – The 5 Stages You Need to Have a Successful Relationship


Have you ever wondered what differentiates those couples who have relationships that seem happy, thoughtful, and healthy versus those that struggle to have a relationship that lasts?

Do you find yourself repeating similar patterns in your relationship where things start off good but then go in the totally opposite direction?

K and I discuss the 5 Stages You Need to have a Successful Relationship. Most couples don’t make it past stage 2. It’s an interesting discussion and discovery process about how we love and nurture our significant others in relationships. I’m positive as you listen along you will have revelations about your past relationships and why they may not have worked out between you and the other person.

No one teaches you how to have a relationship. It is typically dependent on your experiences, the relationships you saw modeled from your parents and others around us, and you likely winging it. This podcast will give you some good insights and also help you figure out how to not get stuck in one particular stage of your relationship.

Tune in and learn more about the 5 Stages You Need to Have a Successful Relationship.

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