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Meet Elizabeth Overstreet, the Love Strategist

I’m here because of a lifetime of love stories – not all of them with happy endings.

I’ve lived many love stories that I thought would turn out differently. I got married at a young age, then divorced – forced to unweave and break myself from unhealthy relationship patterns, often not getting it right many times in the process, but finally figuring out what worked best. I went on to navigate the uncertainties of dating as a single parent. Later, I got married and began to figure out the love that comes with having a blended family.

As I struggled in many relationships that I thought would last a lifetime, I also observed multi-decades-long marriages of so many family members: aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends – people who’d found meaningful love without sacrificing their needs, confidence, or desires to do it. My parents were married for 57 years. My grandparents were together for 60+. These healthy love stories seemed to be teaching me that having one was possible.

So after my first marriage didn’t work out as I envisioned it would, I began to look back with a more strategic perspective – leaning on my background in the business world – critically considering what role I’d truly played and identifying how and where I could have taken more action. In this reflective journey, I finally realized that I did play a part in relationships ending and I’d been self-sabotaging. The gift is that through doing this important work, I discovered a practical path forward to both heal myself and build a more satisfying relationship with my now husband.

I only got to this place by studying what makes lasting love last. As I became a relationship strategist, what I found is that the fluffy theories don’t work because they aren’t actionable, and they don’t involve you in the action. They don’t involve the value of knowing who you are, what you want, and what’s been holding you back.

Because so often, the hardest person to see (and to love) is yourself. Yet, if you could have the tools and the guide to be able to do that – to be able to love and bring your whole self into a relationship – there is a way forward to a more lasting love story. But that journey has to start with those resources – those strategies.

That’s why I became a relationship strategist in 2016 – why I wrote a book on the subject – and why I speak and serve as an expert for leading platforms like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and others… because you deserve a true roadmap to a real love story.

I know the twists and turns that happen along the way to love. I’ve lived many of them myself, and I’ve learned from others as they have successfully weathered the storms. It is possible to find your practical path to love – but it’s even more important to remember that it always starts with you.

So if you’re ready to do that work – to look inward and restart your love story – I’ll be your guide. Let’s get started together.


“I am loving your book, Love You and He Will Too!!! And this point of view resonated with me so much! I am learning to know me, value me, respect me, and love me. To be comfortable in my own skin and mind and to own myself! Although sometimes I feel bad for not knowing the prize I have always been before, I know that I can start today and heal my past in my present and build the future and the life I deserve. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge! I’m so grateful for discovering your content and deciding to read your book.” – *Val

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Clients say the following about their coaching experience with Elizabeth: (names have been changed to protect their privacy)

“Elizabeth helped me realize following a traumatic break-up the importance of taking time to reconnect with myself before entering a new relationship. Her technique of walking me through my break-up, helping me figure out to regroup, and refocus during this time was priceless.” – *Lori

“I didn’t know how to move on following a divorce. Elizabeth and I talked through it, formulated a plan, and talked through some of the things that I haven’t acknowledged or realized were patterns in my relationship. I am slowly feeling better and like I can finally move on.” – *Mike

“Sometimes when you are in a codependent relationship, it isn’t always easy to know how to get out, become comfortable with who you are, or how to prevent it from recurring. Through my coaching sessions, I learned so much about the signals I was sending that was causing me to repeat the same mistakes in my relationships. I feel more confident that I have more self-awareness now and will choose more appropriate partners in my future relationships.” – *Alysha

“It can be easy to hope that you will have the right relationship. But I have learned via my coaching sessions that relationships take work and consistent effort. Elizabeth and I came up with specific techniques for me to meet men. Having someone hold me accountable during the process helped me to widen and connect with someone who ended up being very compatible with me.  I’m glad I took the leap of faith and tried out her services. It made a big difference for me.” -*James

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Love You & He Will Too

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