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Bedtalks Episode 72: Sexual Intimacy 101: An Interview with Candace Johnson

Hey Y’All

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Bedtalks. We are getting down and dirty in this episode, exploring Sexual Intimacy 101 with Candace Johnson, the founder of Gooshy Candy, and creator of the Touchy/Feely intimacy card game. Candace opens up freely with us about her experiences which shaped her sexual understanding, growth, and discovery.

Candace shifted her career as a Television News Producer of a highly popular program in Philadelphia to follow her heart, intuition, and spirit in launching this endeavor to help people learn how to connect with one another. She has worked with many diverse types of couples, those in the early phases of a relationship, those in long-term relationships, those who have lost their mojo, and those seeking to understand their sexual identity. She created the Touchy/Feely intimacy game card to help couples who struggle to express their sexual needs to one another in an open and transparent way. 

Candace has had her own journey too! She has explored many types of relationships and figured out what is the connective force that can bridge the sexual education gap between two people in a relationship. 

Listen in as we chat with Candace and ask her questions about Sexual Intimacy 101 and why it matters in keeping your relationship whole. And please remember to subscribe to future episodes of Bedtalks on the Anchor App, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many other platforms.

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