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Relationship Coaching Packages

Group Coaching Call

12 Week Access
$ 199
  • Weekly Group Call
  • Get answers to all of your relationship and dating questions.
  • Real-time feedback as you encounter issues in real life.

1 on 1 Private Session

60 minute session
$ 299
  • 1 on 1 private session
  • Go in-depth to identify and adjust hurtful behaviors
  • Get advice on your dating life and relationships.

Couples Counseling or 1 on 1 bundle packages

$ 799
  • Save $400 with our 1 on 1 bundle package!
  • This package includes (4) 1 on 1 sessions ($1200 value) that you can schedule anytime at your convenience.
  • Provide quality assistance and support in a cost-effective manner.

Free Guide

I’m a relationship coach and author and would love to help you navigate the world of relationships. It all begins with your relationship with yourself.

Download my FREE Download, Finding the Balance of Self-Love!

Love You & He Will Too

What you attract is a direct reflection of who you are and how you value yourself.


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Elizabeth Overstreet Sivana Spirit

I'm Elizabeth Overstreet, And This Is My Dharma

Hello, I’m Elizabeth and I’m the Relationship Whisperer. Just kidding – sorta! I coach women and men to have a healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationships. I am also an Author. I’m a big believer that if you aren’t practicing self-love than it’s hard to be a recipient of true love from someone else… Click here to read my entire interview on Sivana Spirit.