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8 Ways Singles Can Beat the Holiday Blues


Holiday Blues                                                                           Photo Credit

Art Sims of WVON 1690 and I recently talked about some ways singles can prevent the holiday blues. Here’s what we discussed during the talk radio show.

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s bring lots of holiday excitement. There is much emphasis on seeing family, friends, and loved ones. But when you are single, the holiday season can feel lonely.

Most people have high expectations around the holiday season. There is much involvement with family, visits and parties with friends, a lot of holiday anticipation, and excitement coupled with stress. There is pressure to give the perfect gift, have the perfect meal, and experience the perfect holiday. This can lead to pressuring yourself to expend a great deal of energy in order to please everyone. This is usually followed by exhaustion and emotional letdown once the holidays are over.

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