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Divorce Selfies: The New Way to Breaking Up  

divorce-selfies              Photo Credit: Zliving

 Divorce selfies are trending on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #divorceselfies. This is an interesting phenomenon involving people who wish to publicize their divorce. They typically post a happy picture of themselves as a couple following the finalization of the divorce. Many acknowledge how glad they are to have had the relationship, but speak of accepting that the relationship did not work out. This is a sign of couples opting to bow out gracefully during the process of divorce.

 This is a new trend in divorce. Gone is the acrimony, the fights, the anger and bad blood. Instead, many couples are admitting that the relationship did not work for them, choosing instead to end things on good terms. They are celebrating the good that happened in the relationship, honoring the marriage experience, and moving on to friendship or even to working together to co-parent post marriage.

Not that long ago, there was a stigma attached to being divorced. You were odd man or woman out if you were a single parent. People felt ashamed when a marriage ended up in divorce. This new trend is a completely different way to look at a failed marriage. In fact, the progression marks a significant social change.

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