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7 Non-Negotiables in Relationship

Going to cover 6

Day 1 – Day 6th

  1. Physical or emotional abuse – They manipulate you emotions. Not always violent / sometimes use kindness / weakness to manipulate you. – ome sly manipulators seek out your weaknesses, whether they’re low self-esteem or loneliness, and use them to keep you under their thumbs. They build you up, but not to make you better. They build you up to make themselves the hero and the go-to person.
  2. Someone who makes you feel bad about who you are
  3. A partner who blames you for their bad behavior (from article – Bad things in life happen, but you’re not responsible for someone else’s total emotional well-being. You’re also not a hostage)
  4. You feel alienated from your friends and family
  5. You can’t think of ways in which you and your partner make a great team. (quote so re-change)
  6. You feel lonely within your relationship
  7. Loving partners let you have your own feelings. – rewrite
  8. Losing touch with who you are (from article)If you wake up one day and realize you’re not doing what you love or seeing your friends or wearing what you like, that’s a problem. A really skilled manipulator will make you think it’s what you want and it’s what’s best for you. Remember, it’s all about power and control.
  9. One person has most of the power over the two of you (rewrite)

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