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Bedtalks Episode 94: 🎙️Walking Through Grief with Grace, An Interview with Rev. Jenn Cormier

Grief is a formidable force that can leave us feeling paralyzed like a vital part of ourselves has been torn away. Join us for an emotionally charged episode as ⁠Rev Jenn Cormier ⁠shares her powerful journey of ⁠Walking Through Grief with Grace⁠. Discover how she coped and emerged stronger, helping you see grief in a new light. In this heart-to-heart episode, Rev Jenn takes us on a transformative ride by:

  1. Creating a Healing File: Uncover the incredible strength that comes from helping a loved one build a healing legacy. Rev Jenn’s story will inspire you to weave healing threads through the tapestry of loss.
  2. Confronting the Fear of Death: Explore how facing the loss of a dear one shattered Rev Jenn’s fear of dying, and discover the unexpected liberation that followed.
  3. Becoming Whole in Grief: Learn the art of ensuring the healing process leaves you more whole in your grief journey, turning pain into a catalyst for growth.
  4. Distinguishing Deepening Grief from Healing: ⁠Rev Jenn ⁠guides us through the subtle nuances that can either deepen grief or lead to genuine healing, helping you navigate your own emotional landscape.
  5. Grief’s Unseen Dimensions: Dive into the often overlooked facets of grief that can expand your understanding and redefine your perspective on this intricate journey.

Listening to this show isn’t just an experience; it’s a revelation. Prepare to see your grief through new eyes, gaining insights that promise to transform your relationship with loss.

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Embark on this journey with us, one heart-to-heart at a time,

XoXo 💫

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