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Bedtalks Episode 96: ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ From A 96 Year Sentence Behind Bars to a Journey of Redemption: A Conversation with Cheryl Armstrong

What would you do if you were incarcerated with a sentence of 96 years?

Well, our guest, Cheryl Armstrong, was and is going to share her journey of how she used this huge life lesson for:

  • Redemption
  • Empowering herself and others
  • Personal Transformation
  • A huge reset

Cheryl Armstrong is the founder and owner of Plant Your Energy with over fifteen years of
experience helping currently and formerly incarcerated individuals to change their thinking and transform their character.

During her twenty-six years of incarceration, Cheryl earned an M.A. in
Humanities launched Plant Your Energy and wrote her first book, Plant Your Energy: Face Your Demons and Transform Your Life. She published her book shortly after her release in 2021 and created a class from it, which she is now teaching in Colorado prisons.

Cheryl is open, raw, vulnerable, and incredibly honest during our conversation about her experience of incarceration, and what led to her incarceration, which dramatically re-shaped her life at the age of 16 years old.

This conversation will help you if you feel like:

  • Giving up
  • Feeling stuck in repeating the same patterns and being unable to break them
  • You want to help someone you love who may be struggling with a similar fate and needs to hear this message.
  • You want to know how to be supportive of someone who is incarcerated
  • Dealing with setbacks and overcoming them

Cheryl is extremely accomplished as an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator, proving incarceration doesn’t mean the end of your life. It was a long journey for Cheryl, but she hopes to impart her experiences to others and help give them hope and a practical path forward.

Listen in and invite a friend or family member who may need to hear this message. You can also learn more about Cheryl Armstrong by going here.

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