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Bedtalks Episode 97: 🎙️Reinventing You: The Transformative Power of Rediscovery with Morgan Englund

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Welcome back to another episode of Bedtalks. Please note that while alternative treatments to deal with trauma are discussed on this show, these are the expressed views of our guest. We always recommend meeting with your healthcare provider to determine the optimal treatment for you and your mental health.

On this show, we interview someone who had to take a nontraditional journey that wasn’t always easy or familiar. Sometimes, the hardest path to take is when you don’t know the destination, and the path to get there can feel fuzzy, unclear, and emotionally painful.

In our interview with Morgan Englund, a former actor and son of beloved Cloris Leachman, we learn of his journey of rediscovery and connecting to the things that matter the most to him. Morgan discusses his journey as an actor, his desire for emotional connection, navigating Tinseltown, aka Hollywood, and settling into connecting back with himself.

Morgan has started a different chapter in his life, and he takes us through what he has learned to heal and start anew. We think you will find this interview eye-opening if you are on a road that feels unclear, you’re looking to shift things in your life, or you feel that you have unresolved trauma.

You can learn more about Morgan Englund here.

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