Figuring Out Who You Are First—The Know Yourself Podcast


I had the pleasure of joining Dan Udale on the Know Yourself podcast. Here is what he had to say about our discussion.

Hey you! Yeah you! I have really got a treat for you today ? I met a Lady called Elizabeth Overstreet on Twitter who is a Love Coach and Relationship Expert ❤️ This was such a great episode because of he energy, enthusiasm, and passion that Elizabeth has for helping people understand themselves and relationships to find the love of their life?
Having Elizabeth on Know Yourself was such a different dynamic because I haven’t covered off relationships before and is such an important conversation for us to consider when examining our personal development and growth and just figuring out who we are as people. Elizabeth chatted about how sometimes we need to figure out ourselves a bit more before we can look externally which showed me that she has such a natural intuition about relationships and the dynamics within them.
For me this was an all time episode because Elizabeth brought such a lot to the table around a topic that I hadn’t given myself permission to talk about, I know there will be others out there that will benefit from hearing about self-worth, finding the right partner, navigating the dating scene and much more.

Look forward to my next episode with Daniel where we discuss handling breakups.


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