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How Do You Make Yourself Happy?

Why You Want Happiness 

Happiness is something each of us wants and desires, but sometimes it eludes us. Being happy is one of the best feelings you can have and an emotional state that is often euphoric. Where does happiness come from? Can you truly be happy? Are there things you are doing to sabotoge your happiness?

Let’s explore this topic further.

The Best Model for Happiness

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This list is a good start to build more happiness into your life. And as I read through this list, I had a realization that if you want to learn about happiness, children are some of the best models of what happiness looks like and how you can usher more happiness into your life.


Young children are extremely good at living in the moment and letting go of bad moments. When a child wants to play, they play. When they want to learn something new, they go for it and express curiosity about going after that endeavor. Likewise, when a child is upset, they have their moment and languish in that emotion until they feel better. In fact, even when you as a parent, uncle, or aunt want them to get over being upset, children do it on their own terms. Ten minutes later that same child who was upset can be in a completely different mood or place emotionally because they have moved on and let go.


How You Can Be Happy 

Do you see the parallels to your happiness?

Happiness is not just about being happy. Happiness encompasses learning to express or get out your negative emotions as well. And this process involves being in the moment of where you are emotionally and then letting these same negative feelings  go so that you can move on to the next thing. Children also have little self awareness. At young ages, children are not comparing themselves with other kids, they do not have biases, or even aspire to be like others. If a child sings and are out of tune, they are good with it because this adds to their happiness.

This what kids do to add to their happiness and how you can imitate them in creating your own happiness. Children are constantly busy creating and forging their own path. They fully embrace themselves for who they are. Often children do not develop bias or self-awareness issues until this is taught to them as they grow up.  Are you now seeing the parallels and what young children can teach us about happiness?

Let’s discuss some of the ways in which you make yourself truly happy:

1.) Have self-acceptance. Embrace yourself for who you are. Have you noticed that we like it when people not only show the good sides of who they are as individuals, but also some of their insecurities and vulnerabilities as well?

2.) Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. If you have been wanting to try something, go for it. Make it a game. Trying different things provides you with a different perspective on things.  

3.) Focus on the positive, acknowledge the negative, and give the negative thoughts limited space in your life. When you think of a bad moment, quickly reflect back to some of the positive moments. Laugh at the craziness that is your life. Think about what you can learn from the negative experience and keep moving forward.

Happiness is about all of your emotions, not just the happy ones. This is the truth we don’t discuss. How you can know and appreciate happiness without knowing how it feels to be in the opposite state of mind. Only when you embrace all parts of yourself do you realize that you can truly be happy. Keeping this in mind will help to keep you on the pathway to finding your happy place and dwelling there.  

Share Your Experience 

Let’s talk. I want to hear about what makes you happy. Or do you have a success story to share?

Please share your comments. We can learn from you.


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