How to Stop the Cycle of Codependency and Toxic Relationships – The Recovery Revolution

Omar Pinto, a Life Transformation Coach, Addiction Recovery Specialist, and Lifestyle Entrepreneur and I had so much fun doing this interview. Codependency and addiction do not just relate to substance or drug abuse. Addiction can occur with anything in which you allow your emotions to override your logic and where the consequences can be detrimental to you, your well being or others around you. Codependency can exist in the way you have your relationships too!

This is a deep conversation and not for the weary of heart. So if you want to listen to Omar and I as we dig in deep to discuss triggers, self-love, codependency and toxic relationships this is the podcast interview for you. We discuss relationship patterns, why it’s tough to break the toxic ones, but how you can ultimately do so.

Tune in and let me know what you think.

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