Let’s Talk About Love, Intimacy, and Relationships with Dr. Laura Berman, One of the World’s Leading Experts

I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Laura Berman, a leading expert on love, intimacy, and relationships.

Dr. Berman and I discuss numerous topics during our interview, which include:

  • Why love, at first sight, might be misleading
  • Can your relationship be repaired after infidelity
  • The importance of parents having honest discussions with their kids about love and intimacy

Dr. Berman and I share some things in common around our methodologies of helping others find love. We both feel it’s important to help people build better love lives and relationships. And it’s also why it’s extremely critical to set the foundation with self-love first in order to learn to love and to be loved better.

Dr. Laura Berman’s Bio

Dr. Berman is an award-winning host of the nationally syndicated show, Uncovered Radio with Dr. Laura Berman. She is also a best-selling NY Times author of eight books, and hosted and starred in several television shows, including Oprah’s OWN’s In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman, The Dr. Laura Berman Show, and Sexual Healing on Showtime. Dr. Berman is a well-loved and regular expert on love and relationships on television, radio and written media and is on the advisory board of the Dr. Oz show.

She is also the Chief Love Coordinator at WeHaveChemistry, a revolutionary way to assess a couples’ compatibility. We Have Chemistry combines a socio-emotional alignment with a DNA compatibility report to understand a relationships’ strengths as well as areas that need improvement.

Dr. Berman has asked me to partner with her new program; WeHaveChemistry.

What Exactly Is WeHaveChemistry?

WeHaveChemistry DNA and SEA reports break down where you and your partner connect the strongest and which areas could use some attention. There is no risk of finding out you are not compatible. Their mission is to enhance love. They offer elements as representations to illustrate what is your Love Alchemy.

The DNA report is based on your HLA genes which predict sexual satisfaction in relationships. This report empowers couples to understand how biology plays a role in their sex life. All couples fall into one of four sexual chemistries: Electric, Radiant, Flowing and Grounded.

Dr. Laura Berman’s proprietary SEA relationship questionnaire analyzes the five key socio-emotional components of connection: Communication, Intellectual Pursuits, Love & Lust, Social Justice & Spirituality, and Home & Hearth.

Get Your We Have Chemistry Report!

Thank you, Dr. Berman, for joining me for this enlightening discussion.

Hope you enjoy our interview! Xoxo

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