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Is 2020 Over Yet?

Happy Holidays!

2020 has felt like the endless road trip you would take with your parents where you constantly would nag them by asking them “Are we there yet?” like every 5 miles.

The good news is that we’ve almost made it through what has been a year of highs and lows. Slow, and steady, we are close to the finish line.

You nor I may not see 2020 the same ever again living through some unprecedented times, amidst political and racial turmoil. However, I found three things I think we can take away from what has been tumultuous, but a year of awakening in more ways than one.

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And not to be understated which is why I’m going to write in entirely inappropriate all caps because I am yelling at you, LOL “THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH” for coming along this journey with me, supporting our tribe in our very gushy, loving, and fun love movement. It means the world to me!

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Until 2021, XoXo

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