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Life’s Got You Down – Here Is How You Can Reset!


Life is Crazy Picture

Life is a crazy thing and very inconsistent. It can be lovely, devastating, and uncharacteristic for the most part. You start off your life with good intentions. You don’t see divorce, death, illness and setbacks as part of your lives. We are eternally optimistic. In fact, we feel we will overcome much of the strife that we actually will in fact face. But, the reality is that we are likely to experience one or more of these events as we go though our lives.

And at those times when we face these challenges we may want to give up versus moving forward. When things hurt, they inflict emotional pain and can feel unbearable. It is easy to get stuck in the moment. And, let’s face it; it is a much easier path to throw in the towel versus moving forward through the adversity.

However, there are ways to cope even when life presents us with a crisis or life altering event. Regrouping is more crucial than staying stagnant during any crises. Some of us may find solace with our family, our significant others, friends who help to get us out of the rut and refocus. And these are all important great forms of support. But, what if none of these things are working for us or helping us to reset emotionally?

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If you are in the middle of a crisis, struggling with an emotional roadblock or difficulty and you are struggling to figure out how you will cope, here are some other ways, which may help you reset and get back on track.

  1. What is this moment meant to teach you?  Sometimes when you are suffering pain and frustration it is so hard to see the road ahead. This is understandable and normal. It’s also hard to understand the lesson in that moment. But, sometimes as things are happening, they are truly preparing you for the next thing. And when you have these difficult moments and reflect backwards on other challenges you faced before, remember that you made it through. This should give you confidence that you will also get through this moment. Often times what appears difficult is helping you to build your adversity muscles.
  1. Journal and get your feelings down on paper. Even when you feel hopeless or immobilized by your sadness, write down how you feel, why you feel the way you do and what your greatest fears are in whatever challenge you are facing. Often times, putting things down on paper does two things. It clears your mind to some extent of the inner conflict in your head. Secondly, once you get things down on paper, they don’t look so bad. They aren’t as insurmountable. In fact, you realize that they are manageable if you address the crisis in action steps.
  1. Believe in something beyond yourself and have faith in letting things move to where they need to be. In other words, don’t try to override your emotion. Don’t regress it, but accept it. Feel sad, but then move on from this emotion. For some, this is their faith in God using prayer to let God provide them with the right direction. For others, this is meditation, yoga or a hobby or activity that brings them mental clarity or peace. It really does not matter what medium you use or rely on as long as it works for you and provides you with some time to regroup and move forward.

Balance In Me

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As you go through difficulties in your life, be reflective and introspective. Focus on exhibiting gratitude for what you do have. One way to take yourself away from focusing so much on your pain is to volunteer, do something kind for someone else or focus on doing something that you enjoy. Realize that each of us has a journey and some challenge or challenges we are or may face regardless to our finances, status or situation in life.

You have come this far and have so much further to go. This is just a road bump that you will manage just like you have before. More importantly, realize the value that these moments provide to us to self-reflect, reconnect to what is most important and get us on track to get to where we need to be.

And remember, “Don’t give up!” Your journey is not over yet.


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