Bedtalks Episode 61: Why Do You Run from Love (or Self-Sabotage?) – An Interview with Denai Morari

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We’re thrilled to be talking to Danai Maraire. Danai is a well-respected couples coach. She works with everyday couples like you and me as well as celebrity clients too. Denai feels her calling to help others navigate their relationships is tied to the meaning of her name. Her name means “to love each other.”

Many are running from love while trying to find it at the same time. At the same time, others tend to self-sabotage their relationships. Fear around surrendering to vulnerability, while not recognizing the possibility for love stops many from the journey to connect with another person in a meaningful way.  While a lack of trust, fear of being open, and a belief system that vulnerability is a weakness are the culprits, there are ways to flip these so that you shift your relationship trajectory. On the other side of learning how to navigate and explore these feelings are true connection and intimacy when you are in the right relationship.

Danai, myself, and K explore this during this bedtalks episode. Listen in as we explore the thing that many of us are running from is the thing that we may need the most.

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