Bedtalks Episode 63: Should I Stay or Go? – A Discussion with Break up Coach, Natalia Juarez

Even with good communication, a relationship may not work.” In this week’s Bedtalks podcast, we speak with Break up Coach, Natalia Juarez. I like this quote because we are often told if you have good communication with someone you have a chance to make the relationship work.

Here’s the truth of the matter. Even with great communication, it doesn’t guarantee you and the other person in your relationship are meant to be together. K & I explore this topic with Natalia Juarez a nationally recognized Break up Coach.

We discuss the following:

-How do you know if you should stay or leave a relationship?

-How does your attachment style affect how you connect/disconnect from a relationship?

-Compatibility based dating and how this can shift the relationships you choose

-How time + action heals wounds

-The danger of the one-sided relationship

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