Bedtalks Episode 64: Can You Decode Your Relationship? An Interview with Stacy Sherrell and Rachel Facio of Decoding Couples

Hey Y’All-

We’re back with a new podcast.

We’re kicking it off getting right into it with our guests Stacey Sherrell and Rachel Facio of Decoding Couples.

There is a ton of relationship advice out there. And that’s why it’s even more important that we bring you practical tools, tactics, and strategies that really work. This brings me to my guests this week, Decoding Couples. Stacey Sherrell and Rachel Facio are Licensed Therapists. Stacy is also certified in EDMR for trauma work, and Rachel in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT).

One of the reasons I think you will enjoy this podcast is because Rachel and Stacey incorporate real-life relationship struggles coupling them with communication strategies that work to help you improve the quality of your relationships. You can check out some of their funny reels of realistic couple interactions in which they help couples use practical and useful communication practices to help them to have more meaningful and rewarding relationships.

During the podcast, K & I discuss with Stacey and Rachel:

  • Do dealbreakers work in relationships
  • Why the argument isn’t always about the topic you may actually be arguing about with one another
  • Effective ways for couples to communicate and problem-solve together, especially the touchy topics

And if you decide this podcast was helpful. Rachel and Stacey of Decoding Couples offer a free Masterclass to help you stop fighting and start communicating. Learn more about their masterclass here.

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