Bedtalks Episode 65: How Dr Marcus Mason Is Helping Patients Move, Feel and & Think Better

K & I are back with another new Bedtalks Podcast. Our guest is Dr. Marcus Mason, a Ph.D., and Licensed Therapist. Dr. Marcus uses creative and interactive ways to teach his clients about how to manage their mental health. We delve into areas of mental health that touch on individuals, families, and parenting during this episode.
Dr. Mason believes in “normalizing how we heal through our traumas, learning how to implement practices that can help you create some normalcy during this “new norm,” connecting the mental and physical aspects to help you move, feel, and think better. You’ll learn what may be triggering you, how to identify it, and ways to use your self-awareness to navigate this terrain. We touch on parenting techniques to help your kids adjust to the impact of living in a pandemic world, and the value of healthy conflict. Yes, conflict can be healthy!
You can learn more about Dr. Mason’s practice here and follow him here to learn about some of the creative ways he’s helping to reshape the way we address and talk about mental health.
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Listen to this episode here.
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