Bedtalks Episode 71: The Toolbox You Need for Love – With Alex Schelling

K & I speak with Alex Schelling, a Life and Relationship Coach whose moniker on Instagram is Toolboxforlove 
We learned so much during our discussion with Alex. As she wisely states, “Love is important, but it’s not enough.” There are key components to building a happy, satisfying and rewarding relationship and there is some work that has to be done to make that happen! 

We touch on best practices of communicating through tricky and touchy topics. 
We discuss the common blind spots that couples and individuals encounter. 
What happens when you love someone, and you are not receiving the same in return, or it’s not going anywhere. We go there too!

Relationships can be happy and fulfilling, but they can be nearly impossible to achieve if you keep making the same missteps over and over again.
Listen in as K & I explore what needs to be your toolbox for love! And please remember to subscribe to future episodes of the Bedtalks Podcast on the Anchor App, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many other platforms.
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