Bedtalks Episode 74: What Courageous Vulnerability Looks Like in a Relationship – A Discussion with Suzette Vearnon

We’re back with a new episode of Bedtalks.

This week’s guest on Bedtalks is the amazing Suzette Vearnon, a Relationship Solutions Coach. Suzette coaches high-achieving women to REDEFINE what makes them enough in life and in love…on their terms. However, we feel this episode will give both men and women some insights into what often your blindspots are as you navigate dating and building a healthy relationship.

Suzette has many pearls of wisdom she is dropping in this episode including:

  • Why relationships are about being and not doing
  • What courageous vulnerability looks like in a relationship
  • Understanding your relationship blindspots more fully and what holds you back from connecting to the right person /relationship

She shares her personal journey and how she has empowered her clients to dig deeper into understanding how they can be more intentional with their hearts, and their truth so they are in a healthy and loving relationship. Suzette has a glow and you’ll get more insight during our discussion on what she has learned about relationships too that totally shifted her love life.  If you want to learn more about Suzette’s work, click here.

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