Bedtalks Episode 80: We’re Talking Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill and the Best Way to Show Up for Your Significant Other – An Interview with Karina F Daves

Hey Y’All-
We are back with another podcast interview with Ms. Karina F. Daves. She references herself as ‘little but lionhearted.” Karina focuses her work as a Coach helping women make decisions about their relationships so they can show up for themselves. Her style is straightforward, candid, and heartfelt. Karina speaks from the heart, mind, and experiences that have shaped her journey too of learning how to show up for her husband in a way that doesn’t compromise who she is in the relationship.
In this podcast, Karina talks about:

Her childhood and how it shaped her understanding of relationships and how she had to recondition her perspective on healthy relationships
Why she didn’t realize the love of her life at first and how being in a toxic relationship almost kept her from a healthy one
How her husband taught her about the power of dreams and manifesting them
How co-parenting requires a heart posture and how being a child of divorced parents taught her what she would do differently as a step-parent
And we promise to touch on “Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill” and the significance of it in Karina’s life

Listen in; you won’t be disappointed!
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