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Bedtalks Episode 92: ️Empowering Youth to Thrive: A Conversation with Cathleen Connor

Welcome to another captivating episode of Bedtalks! We appreciate your unwavering support as you join us on this journey to explore the intricacies of building healthy relationships in every aspect of life—whether it’s with your partner, as a parent, a friend, or a family member. Unlocking these relationship secrets can truly transform your life, bringing joy and satisfaction to your connections.
Our podcast is evolving, and we’re excited to dive into conversations with influential individuals shaping our communities, guiding us towards healthier relationship dynamics.
In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Cathleen Connor on board—a seasoned parent, Special Educator, and workshop facilitator with 30 years of experience. As a co-author of “Possibilities in Parenting” and “The Lightness of Choosing You” and host of the radio show “Growing up Conscious,” Cathleen brings a wealth of wisdom from navigating the diverse landscapes of public, private, and charter schools.
Parenting and teaching are more than roles; they are about fostering healthy relationship habits that demand patience, resilience, and adaptability. Cathleen will share invaluable insights on:

Nurturing healthy emotional regulation with your children
Mastering your thoughts versus external influences and guiding your kids to do the same
Empowering youth to connect with their awareness and thrive in changing times
Encouraging kids to explore joy, nurturing activities, and experiences that truly enliven them for holistic growth

This interview promises to equip you with new techniques that not only enhance your parenting skills but also reshape your approach to relationships in general. As humans, we share similar needs that transcend the diverse tapestry of life experiences.
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