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Bedtalks Episode 98: ️ Relationship Revelations: An Unfiltered Conversation with Andrea Beach

Hi There!
Welcome back to another episode of the Bedtalks Podcast!
Are you feeling stuck in the same relationship patterns or feeling like while you excel at most things, relationships remain a gray area?
We’re talking to Andrea Beach on this episode. And we promise you this episode will leave you with some new, practical, and realistic approaches to your relationship. Andrea Beach is no ordinary woman. She has run over 21 companies and is a leading authority on technology, business, and human behavior. Andrea has advised Fortune 500 companies, mentored various startups, and created engaging activations for some of the world’s largest brands. 
Her newest venture, Life Unleashed, is helping thousands elevate their lives beyond their wildest dreams. For over twenty years, Andrea’s mission has been to deliver proven strategies and tactics for increasing fulfillment. Losing her mom at the young age of 13 left Andrea having to figure things out early on and navigating adulthood and relationships with a bit of a gap.
Though Andrea is extremely successful in her business, her lone-wolf approach to success didn’t work in her relationships. After lots of trial and error, Andrea realized that her CEO approach to entrepreneurship to her relationships wasn’t working. Since she didn’t have any role models of healthy relationships outside of her home, she had to learn by trial and error how to breakdown relationships in an entirely different manner.
Andrea breaks down the most common relationship faux pas that keep relationships from thriving. She discusses on the show:

What things are manageable vs unmanageable in your relationship
The most difficult challenge long-term in a relationship
One context that is missing in most relationships but badly needed
Cheat codes for the happiest/healthiest relationships
How to spot a liar
Top 3 secrets to the happiest /healthiest relationships
How to take your relationship to the next level, if he’s happy with the status quo

You can learn more about the amazing work Andrea is doing here.
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