Differences Don’t Mean We Aren’t Relatable – An Interview with Thomas C. Knox, The Connection Curator

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We’re back with another podcast talking about the importance of human connection. While we have even more ways to connect with others, strangely with access to all of these avenues to connect, many of us are still left looking and craving connection.

Thomas Knox is trying to change the way you relate to others, one person at a time. Thomas is known as the “The Connection Curator.” He set up a sign in the subway in NYC that stated, “Date while you wait,” to get people talking to another. Through these experiences of talking to others, Thomas has learned a lot about others and realized that our differences don’t mean we aren’t relatable.

Thomas is leading a social initiative to get people back to talking to one another and having real face-to-face conversations. He shares his experiences, which will surprise you about what’s on everyone’s mind.

Listen in here and let me know what you think.

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