Everyone Has A Story: An Interview with Jade Seaberry, Founder of Diversetoons

Everyone has a story. Why should you tune into this podcast? There is likely a story at some point that resonated with you. It’s important that there is an opportunity for your story to be told by someone who looks like you, has gone through similar experiences, and can authentically tell your story. And this is why Jade Seaberry’s company, Diversetoons, is so important for everyone. Diversetoons gives voices to animators who come from diverse backgrounds to mirror the world as we know it, so the stories created about people of color are authentic, honest, and real. Jade has made it her mission to help diversify the animators and storytellers, capturing the images, voices, and real-life mannerisms so that you see a reflection of you in animated stories. She understands that much like the world we live in, storytellers and creatives should represent the voices they are presenting to the world. Listen in to this podcast to learn more about Diversetoons, a novel company, and a brave woman who shows that while barriers do exist, you can help to break them down to change the narrative. Until next time, XoXo. Please remember to subscribe to future episodes of the Bedtalks Podcast on the Anchor App, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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