Meet Dr Nina Ellis-Hervey – The Mental Health Whisperer

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Meet Dr. Nina Ellis-Harvey! She is a highly accomplished Mental Health Therapist. While she has many accolades and achievements, there is more to Nina that meets the eye. She also feels like the girl next door because of her authenticity, relatability, and humility. I promise you will enjoy this podcast as we discuss weight transformation, managing your mental health, and communication techniques to help strengthen your relationship with your significant other. We discuss some bonus topics too!

Some of the highlights of our interview include:

Mark 1:45 – Learn more about Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey.

Mark 7:13 – Dr. Nina shares her weight transformation story.

Mark 12:30 – How do you stay aspirational, but also enjoy the journey along the way?

Mark 13:21 – We discuss the mental health challenges many of you may be feeling right now.

Mark 16:45 – Dr. Nina shares best practices to help your partner feel and stay connected to you as you make life transformations.

Mark 22:06 – How much compromise is too much comprise in a relationship?

Mark 25:24 – How do you lean into one another’s love languages to help your relationship expand?

Listen in as Dr. Ellis-Hervey helps you to get jumpstarted as she provides simple, yet effective techniques to help you stay aspirational, yet centered.

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