Second Act: Life, Love & Relationships: An Interview with Karyn Pettigrew

We are living in a time where we are being forced to take a time-out, be reflective, and re-prioritize what we thought might have the most important. During this time K and I think it’s important to inspire us to be aware of the current events which are happening and to also use this time to bring on guests and discuss topics that will encourage you to your greater purpose. Honestly, things are scary now and the events unfolding are unprecedented. However, they also present a unique time to re-evaluate, re-focus and re-energize. Out of scarcity and turmoil, often comes great ingenuity.

Please listen in as K and I interview Karyn Pettigrew CEO and Founder of Zoe Goes and Beyond Blind Spots – Karyn has a special story that will resonate with you. She discusses how she learned to lean into her inner voice and intuition as she shifted from Corporate life into Entrepreneurship. Her company Zoe Goes was designed to create sustainable fashion with high-quality clothes that are easy to wear. It’s fashionable wear for moms, and easy for those of us who travel frequently with just a carry-on. But, yet her clothes will appeal to those of you who want to be fashion-forward without having to overthink your wardrobe choices. Karyn has also expanded her to work to develop an organization to help others live a life that is tied to their personal and spiritual purpose. 

This interview is both eye-opening and inspiring! Listen in and let us know what you think. And please remember to subscribe to future episodes of the Bedtalks Podcast on the Anchor App, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Until next time, XoXo.

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