The Imperfectionist – An Inspiring Story of a Recovering Perfectionist with Vitale Buford

Have you ever had an vice? Mine was getting everything checked off of my checklist each day until I realized that it was an impossible and exhaustive task. Vitale Buford, our guest on this podcast, had a vice too. Hers was perfectionism. Perfectionism was such a vice for her that she went to all means to maintain a perfect front. Vitale shares tips to help you, if you struggle with perfectionism. Perfectionism can be emotionally and physically draining. And this is what Vitale learned in the hardest way. She talks about overcoming her perfectionism before it cost her everything and the sobriety she has gained when she learned to let go of perfection. Listen in and walk away with some techniques to help you overcome perfectionism and some simple ways to allow yourself to learn to go with the flow. Share with me your vices and what you have done to overcome them. You never know who your story will inspire. Please also remember to subscribe to future episode of Bedtalks on the Anchor app, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Until next time, XoXo

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