The Lesson of Self-Love; Naysha’s Powerful Transformation through Self-Love

K and I had the pleasure of interviewing Naysha Sonet. Naysha is from the beautiful and #3 ranked country of happiness, Norway. However, even though Naysha lives in one of the happiest countries, she didn’t always feel happy with herself. After a bad break-up, she had to learn how to find someone she had lost as a result of the break-up, herself.

We crossed paths as I followed Naysha’s personal journey and transformation via self-love. She has insight and wisdom that belies her age. I was impressed and continue to be impressed to watch her journey, how she helps others and is building space for others to recognize their own personal value.

Self-love is a positive phrase and is used often. But, during this interview, we take it a step deeper analyzing and dealing with the often uncomfortable pieces of self-love. Listen in and learn more as K, Naysa, and I navigate this conversation together.

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