The Money Conversations You Need to Have with Your Partner – An Interview w/Meesh a Financial Expert

Meet Kimesha Janey, better know on social media as Meesh, the financial expert. You may be wondering why we are interviewing a credit and financial expert on Bedtalks. It’s because money has a strong intersection with the quality of your relationship. There are three primary reasons for divorce or the ending of what may have appeared to be a solid relationship, with finances coming out consistently in the top three reasons a relationship fails! 

Meesh is here to break it down for us! And she is going even deeper with her discussion to show you the value of credit, leveraging it, obtaining business credit and the watchout signs for you and your partner as it relates to your finances. Also, Meesh shares some historic news during this podcast, so stay tuned in where Meesh shares something that hasn’t ever happened historically for her hometown city.

Tune in and let us know what you think. 

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