The New Norm – How People Are Approaching Life & Relationships Differently – An Interview with Dr. Marcus Mason

Hey Y’All-

We’re back with Dr. Marcus Mason of Minds in Motion Therapy. As you may recall, Dr. Mason has a philosophy of combining mind and motion together to help you manage the challenges life inevitably brings while balancing out your mental health. There is a lot of noise out there relating to mental health. The pandemic shifted people in many different ways and put mental health out there front and center as we tackle the new norm, our emotions, and reassess what really matters.

Dr. Mason discussed with us:

  • How you can determine what topics are most helpful and useful to you for your mental health and navigating relationships
  • How men and women can get on the same page so we have more rewarding relationships
  • Why everyone doesn’t need a mic and why some messages we may be receiving are blurred
  • How to set boundaries
  • Anxiety relievers

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