Why Sex Shouldn’t Be Taboo – An Interview with Anita Rao of NPR

We interviewing the wonderful Anita Rao of NPR. Anita is no shrinking violet. As the host of the NPR show, Embodied, Anita challenges our perspectives and understanding on various topics related to Sex and Intimacy. Anita is also the Managing Editor and regular host for the “The State of Things.” She is passionate about sharing stories of those who are doing the very difficult work of creating change in their communities which helps to shape change in the world. 

During K & I’s podcast discussion with Anita Rao, listen in as we discuss the following: 

  • Tune in at Mark 1:52 to learn more about Anita Rao •Tune in at Mark 4:05 as we discuss Why It’s Important to normalize talking about sex 
  • Tune in at Mark 6:43 as Anita discusses how her parents Hindu background shaped their views about sex 
  • Tune in at Mark 10:24 to learn Why there is a perception that sex is taboo •Tune in at Mark 16:43 to understand more about Sex shaming and why it’s important to shift this paradigm 
  • Tune in at Mark 17:33 as Anita talks about how her show changed her perspective on her own relationship 
  • Tune in at Mark 22:00 to learn Why Anita is passionate about her work at NPR 

We hope you will tune in and enjoy our discussion with Anita as we did. Share with me what you find taboo about sex and also topics you would like for K and me to discuss on future podcast shows. Please also remember to subscribe to future episodes of Bedtalks on the Anchor app, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Until next time, XoXo

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