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What Can We Learn from Brad and Angelina?

A recent interview with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie indicated several impressive aspects of their relationship. I wasn’t surprised. But many people might be. After all, the general public has a range of reactions to the two superstar celebrities.

If you polled people about Brad and Angelina’s marriage and how they feel about the couple, responses would be polarized. Some find their relationship romantic and inspirational. But many people cling to opinions from the past. They think Brad was stolen away from Jennifer Aniston, to whom he was married when he fell for Angelina. They may claim Angelina was a home-wrecker who broke up Brad’s marriage.

I beg to differ. I believe the truth lies somewhere in between and what we did not see is more important than what was told to us via tabloids, gossip, and third person accounts.

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